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CRAS alumni have been awarded Gold & Platinum certifications, Oscars, Grammys, Tonys, AMAs, CMAs, and EMMYs for their work.

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Audio Engineering & Music Production School

Welcome to CRAS, the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. We are an audio recording, sound engineering, and music production school. Our audio engineering & music production school is one of the top-rated programs of its kind.


CRAS alumni have credits for more than 3,800 film, TV, and documentary projects.


CRAS alumni have worked on more than 122 AAA video game titles in the past 10 years.


CRAS alumni worked on 33 Grammy-nominated recordings in 2017.

Industry leaders count on CRAS to develop the certification/education programs
audio engineers need to succeed – to learn more, contact CRAS today.

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CRAS students listen intently during class onstage in the Live Sound Venue at the Gilbert satellite campus.
CRAS students in the Live Sound Venue at the Gilbert satellite campus.
Gilbert Campus Entrance
Entrance to CRAS Gilbert campus.
Class is in-session in Studio D at CRAS Gilbert satellite campus.
Class is in-session in Studio D at CRAS Gilbert satellite campus.

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CRAS Mobile Broadcast Unit at the Gilbert satellite campus
CRAS Mobile Broadcast Unit at the Gilbert satellite campus
Studio A control room at the CRAS Gilbert satellite campus
Studio A control room at the CRAS Gilbert satellite campus
Studio F control room at CRAS Tempe main campus
Studio F control room at CRAS Tempe main campus

“The thing that makes CRAS grads unique is that they are most prepared for the adventure ahead. They are open to hang through the variety of experiences that come right as you begin your career. Our entire staff is exclusively made of CRAS grads and they have gone to work on albums from everyone from icons like Adele, Post Malone, Travis Scott to rock acts like Anthrax and Avenged Sevenfold. I’m continually impressed by their dedication and sense of adventure.”

— Cameell Hanna (Manager, Serenity West Recording)

“Through the years, CRAS has consistently sent us students that have been experienced, knowledgeable, and ready to seamlessly jump into the fast paced workflow of our studios.”

— Jeff Guillot (Director of Global Business Development, Deyan Audio)

“I find that CRAS students are the most prepared in handling the technical and professional demands of recording studios. CRAS' consistency in updating their curriculum and training their students on the latest gear is why they've been my go-to for the last decade.”

— Roxy Flo (Director of Business Development, Fever Recording & Clear Lake Recording)

“AMVs most recent hire came from CRAS.  I worked closely with Rachel finding the right person that we both felt would be best suited. He is doing just fine and a welcome addition to the team.  I would highly recommend looking at CRAS when looking for employees, finding people in this business can be extremely difficult, but knowing there is a school like CRAS offering this kind of technical training is certainly a great tool for companies to have.”

— Ian Vysick (Audio Development Specialist, All Mobile Video)

“CRAS and PSAV have a strong partnership, offering graduates and alumni a career path in the live event technology industry.  CRAS students are eager to take their education and experience and put it to work, while continuing their training and development in all aspects of live event technology with a global employer.”

— Marty Matyas (Senior Recruiter, PSAV®)

“I think CRAS is top notch and I see the difference in caliber of students not just on the technical side but professional!”

— Destiny Rael (Studio Manager, Firehouse Recording Studios)

“I have taken on lots of interns from CRAS. I think they give the best education of any of the schools I have worked with. CRAS sends people that are ready to work and know the gear. They are good students and good people.”

— Jim Kaufman (Owner, American Voodoo Records; Musician)

“I have been taking CRAS interns since 2003, back when I was working on Pirates of the Caribbean. They are dedicated and get the job done. They are really into learning and working at the highest level of audio production.”

— Allison Clark (Music Supervisor/Production, Seven Pin Studios)

“The only interns we take are from CRAS. The program is intensive, the students have Pro Tools skills, and they rise to the occasion when given the opportunity.”

— Kathleen Wirt (Owner, 4th Street Recording)

“Our CRAS interns have been terrific. We have had over 15 in the past 2 years and we are excited to have them. We have also hired 10 - 12 CRAS alumni who have futures in this business and are very talented. My CRAS alumni employees are very key individuals in this company.”

— Ruben Veloso (President, CCI Digital)

“Omnisound Studios has benefited from CRAS students for many years now. The level of preparedness and knowledge that these student interns arrive with makes it an easy transition to getting them not only involved but plugged into the recording process here in Nashville.”

— Chris Holloway (OmniSound Studios, Nashville)

“I've been working at Chalice Recording Studio for over 10 years. From my experience, some of the best interns that were referred to us came from CRAS. They are motivated, hardworking and well informed about the real world of the recording industry. The intern coordinators are friendly and extremely helpful as well.”

— Valerie Pilinsky (Chalice Studios, Los Angeles)

“As an owner of a busy studio in Chicago I have reached out to various recording schools offering a chance for their students to intern, assist and hopefully engineer at our facility. CRAS students have always been tops on my list. They are prepared and knowledgeable and fit into our pace of everyday recording. This is important as we don't have time or energy to retrain students for the real world of studio recording.”

— Rick Barnes (RAX Trax)

“CRAS has always been one of the best schools to work with when recruiting interns. Not only is their staff of counselors and advisers friendly, but they are always following up and on their game! Westlake appreciates how easy they make it to recruit interns, as much as we appreciate the quality of interns that they refer.”

— Alexandra Burdick (Westlake)

“CRAS is a place that offers a very well rounded education for anyone with an interest in audio. It teaches you everything from the basic fundamentals that you need to get somewhere in the industry. Not only is the staff extremely good at what they do, they teach you things in a hands on world filled with some of the best equipment that you will run into in the following stages of your career.”

— John Mullers (Flux Studios, NYC)

“I am always happy to bring on a CRAS graduate at my studio. I know prior to offering any training that they have some real studio experience, are knowledgeable in signal flow and have an understanding of how to use and maintain the studio equipment.”

— Jesse Rothman (Penthouse Recording Studios, NYC)

ACCSC logo CRAS has been recognized as an ACCSC School of Excellence for Over 15 Years! The ACCSC is an organization dedicated to accrediting career schools and colleges. Our students’ graduation and graduate employment rates have continually exceeded other ACCSE-accredited institutions for 15 years in a row.

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We have relationships with audio recording facilities around the country and throughout the world, and work closely with you to take location, industry specialty and more into the final decision.

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